Quick Hitch Suppliers

AT Agora Pty Ltd

Product Name: ATA Australian Tractor Attachments
Carrier size range: 7-100 tonne hydraulic excavator
Operating principle: The lock is a spring –applied tapered tongue which adjusts for wear continually over the life of the quick hitch. The tongue is spring-applied, unlocked mechanically or hydraulically.
Safety features: Spring – applied wedge, unlocked mechanically with locking screws or hydraulically. Safety hooks incorporated in hitch prevent accidental loss of attachment.
Necessary to exit cab to engage “failsafe” features? Mechanical, yes; hydraulic, no.
Lifting lug supplied as standard? Yes.
Ideal applications: Original equipment manufacturers’ optimum tip radius and link position maintained. Buckets, tilt buckets, rippers, bucket thumbs, grapples, rakes and blades.
Further information: ATAgora Pty Ltd, 136 Gipps Road, Smithfield , NSW 2164. Ph (02)97251133. Fax (02)97253580
E-mail: ata@optusnet.com.au. Website: www.atagora.com.au

Atlas Heavy Engineering

Product name: Qwik-Link
Carrier size range: 4-100 tonne excavators
Operating principle: Hitch is self-adjusting, reducing wear on pick-up points of hitch and bucket pins as constant force is applied. Top of hitch is fully closed to eliminate hydraulic cylinder damage from rocks and debris.
Safety features: Safety pins are incorporated as part of hitch assembly. Safety pins are spring loaded and fit behind link claw assembly when claw is extended to engage bucket/attachment. Hydraulic circuit in cylinder assembly is closed and pilot operated locking valve is incorporated into cylinder body. Hitch will not disengage if there is drop in hydraulic pressure or hose burst. Safety pins are bolted to side of hitch and therefore cannot be dropped or lost. Options include hydraulic one-way spring return safety pins available, plus audible alarm if locks disengage when machine is still running.
Necessary to exit cab to engage “failsafe” features? Yes
Lifting lug supplied as standard? Yes
Further information: Atlas Heavy Engineering,
546-550 Old Gympie Road, Narangba, Qld 4505.
Ph (07) 3888 3157. Fax (07) 3888 4191.

Doherty Engineered Attachments

Product Name:  Multilock quick couplers, DEA Snaplock couplers, DEA Snaplock Auto-Connect couplers, Miller Multi-Pin Grabber (MPG) couplers, Miller backhoe loader couplers, tilt hitches
Carrier size range:  Excavators 1-150 tonnes, backhoes
Operating Principle: Full range of excavator and backhoe couplers, both mechanically and hydraulically operated. Multilock couplers incorporate double lock design to completely eliminate movement between both implement pins and the coupler. New Snaplock Auto-connect is a fully automatic quick coupler, which automatically connects hydraulic hoses, giving a fully automatic hydraulic coupler, which can be operated without leaving the cab.
Safety features: Snaplock Auto-connect coupler has fully independent secondary safety lock which is visible from the operators cab. In addition to the secondary safety feature the front jaw has been designed with a recess to ensure implements can only be released in a safe and controlled manner. The unlocking process is a two-stage process, which ensures no accidental disengagement. Multilock couplers have a hydraulic pilot operated check valve incorporated into the double acting hydraulic cylinder combined with automatic and highly visible safety lock to ensure maximum safety and eliminate the need for a manual safety pin
Ideal applications: All applications where attachments are required to be changed regularly and safely.
Necessary to exit cab to engage “failsafe” features? No
Lifting Lug supplied as standard? Yes
Further information: Doherty Engineered Attachments, 12 Cherokee Place, Mount Manuganui 3116, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. Australian FREECALL 1800 057 021. Email sales@dohertydirect.net.
Website www.dohertydirect.net.

Earthmoving Systems – Quick Hitch & Couplers

Product name: ES Quick Coupler
Carrier size range: 2-80 tonnes
Operating principle: Half hitch, over centre mechanical hydraulic quick couplers and tilt hitches available, subject to machine size. The coupler is designed to be self-adjusting, reducing wear. The tongue locks around the bucket pin.
Safety features: Hydraulic check valve is incorporated with the hydraulic cylinder; manually inserted safety pin located at the rear , option on no safety pin.
Necessary to exit cab to engage “failsafe” features? Yes, option on no safety pin.
Lifting lug supplied as standard? No
Ideal applications: All applications where attachments are required to be changed regularly.
Further information: Earthmoving Systems, 10 Bredbo Street Lonsdale SA 5160. Ph (08)83842660. Fax (08) 83842630.

Equipment Component Holdings Pty ltd

Product Name: Wedgelock Mechanical, Wedgelock Hydraulic, Wedgelock I-Lock Coupler
Carrier size range:  Excavators 10-100 tonnes.
Operating Principle: I-Lock Coupler is the world’s first coupler incorporating a fully independent safety system. Automatically secures the attachment to the coupler the instant the front jaw comes into contact with the front attachment pin. This instant connection eliminates the risk of losing control of the bucket or attachment during the “high risk” latching operation.
Safety features: When the operator wants to change attachments, the primary wedge can be released first, the attachment placed in a safe position to disconnect and then the safety knuckle can be released. Operator always has full, independent control. No other coupler in the world has a fully independent and instant safety-locking feature that is controlled by the operator.
A “time-out” feature on the electronic switch ensures that if the operator does not release the attachment in the time allowed, the Safety Knuckle will automatically re-engage to the safe position.
Ideal applications: All applications where attachments are required to be changed regularly and safely.
Necessary to exit cab to engage “failsafe” features? No
Lifting Lug supplied as standard? Yes
Further information: Equipment Component Holdings Pty Ltd, 16 Airds Rd, Minto NSW 2566. Ph (02) 9820 6288. Email sales@echpl.com.au. Website www.echpl.com.au.

Essex Engineering Pty Ltd

Product Name:  Essex Lock-HitchÆ, Essex Auto LatchÆ
Carrier size range:  Excavators & backhoes 3-30 tonnes Auto Latch.
Operating Principle: Uses a unique, single- moving part, wedge action that effectively isolates the positioning ram from operational loads. This prevents implement pin backloads generated during operation affecting the primary cylinder and ensuring coupling integrity and a maintenance-free life for the hitch.
The Essex Auto LatchÆ employs seamlessly integrated technology that utilises the existing operating and safety system of the previous model Lock-Hitch and contributes an additional automatically actuated secondary mechanical and positive safety system.
Safety features:  Automatic actuation – no exiting the cabin to employ backup safety feature. 3-30 tonne range. Other features:
Unique ability to monitor integrity of primary hydraulic cylinder, giving operator the capacity to detect cylinder seal bypass, check valve malfunction or loss of pressure for any reason.
By using existing hydraulic system to Lock?Hitch, Auto Latch does not require any additional plumbing or valving.
Dual (audio and visual) alarms alert operator when key actuated disengage switch is operated.
Complies with requirements of Australian Standard 4772-2008 for Quick Hitches.
Ideal applications:  Where hazards have been identified in relation to a manual system and to comply with OH&S Regulations to the hazards.
Lifting Lug supplied as standard? Yes
Further information: Essex Engineering Pty Ltd, 11 Glastonbury Ave, Unanderra, NSW 2526.
Ph (02) 4272.1830. Fax (02) 4272.1829.
Email essexeng@bigpond.com.

Hogan Engineering

Product name: Hydralink
Carrier size range: Backhoe, mini excavator to 85 tonne excavators
Operating principle: Hydraulically actuated tongue slides into place to lock around bucket pin. Warning light and alarm available on request.
Safety features: Continuous hydraulic clamping, built-in check valve at cylinder with manually inserted dead lock safety pin.
Necessary to exit cab to engage “failsafe” features? Yes
Lifting lug supplied as standard? Yes. Design and manufacturing facilities for customised compaction wheels, pulverisers, buckets, etc for all excavators.
Further information: Hogan Engineering, 31 Groves Avenue, Mulgrave, NSW 2756. Ph (02) 4587 8899. Fax (02) 4587 8721.

Jaws Buckets

Product name: Jaws Quick Hitch
Carrier size range: Mini excavators, backhoes and excavators to 150 tonnes
Operating principle: Half hitch, spring-loaded mechanical and hydraulic hitches available, depending on machine size. Hitches are manufactured entirely in high tensile steel. Hitch tongues are engaged by a double-acting hydraulic ram cylinder and locks around attachment pin.
Safety features: Heavy duty check valve welded to the heavy duty ram cylinder. Manually-engaged safety pin permanently attached to quick hitch. Hydraulically activated safety pin Hitch is under development.
Jaws Buckets is certified to ISO 9001.
Necessary to exit cab to engage “failsafe” features? Yes, for manually-engaged safety pin; Quick Hitches that do not use a safety pin do not conform to Australian Standards AS1418.5 Clauses 13.8.1 and 13.9(F)
Lifting lug supplied as standard? Yes
Further information: Jaws Buckets & Attachments Pty Ltd, 10 Willingdon Street, Archerfield, Qld 4108. Certified to ISO 9001. Ph (07) 3277 7499. Fax (07) 3875 1887.
E-mail: sales@jaws.com.au

JB Sales International

Product name: JB Powertilt Quick Hitch
Carrier size range: 2-35 tonnes
Operating principle: Powertilt uses Helac’s sliding spine to convert linear piston motion into powerful rotation. Composed of a housing and two moving parts: a central shaft and piston. Swings all attachments and buckets 180_ and 140_. Incorprates JB manual half hitch or screw lock hitch for 3-7 tonne machines. Hydraulic hitch is also offered for 2-30 tonne machines with JB standard or multi hitch.
Safety features: Check valve on double acting cylinder, auto locking safety device
Ideal applications: Batters, slope work, swimming pools and landscaping etc.
Necessary to exit cab to engage “failsafe” features? No
Lifting lug supplied as standard? Yes

Product name: JB Multicoupler Quick Hitch
Carrier size range: Backhoes, mini excavators and excavators to 60 tonnes
Operating principle: Manual: screw lock or and half hitch. Hydraulic: tongue pushed under bucket/attachment pin by hydraulic cylinder. High-tensile steel one-piece cast housing
Safety features: Check valve on hydraulic cylinder to lock cylinder in case of hydraulic failure. Auto locking safety device wraps around pin when cylinder retracts. Needs to be intentionally disengaged. Meets Standards Australia AS4772 including C1 2.1.4 safety system
Necessary to exit cab to engage “failsafe” features? No
Lifting lug supplied as standard? Yes

Nepean Engineering

Custom-built hydraulically and mechanically actuated quick hitches
Carrier size range: Backhoes plus wheel loaders to Class 200WL. Quality endorsed AS3902 Lic. 1569 Standards Australia.
Further information: Nepean Engineering, 23 Graham Road, Narellan, NSW 2567. Ph (02) 4646 1511. Fax (02) 4648 2505.

Project Industries

Product name: Boss Industrial Equipment
Carrier size range: Up to and including ERG Class 200WL
Operating principle: Twin pick-up points, single cylinder operating two locking pins.
Safety features: Even with loss of hydraulic pressure, the pins remain locked.
Necessary to exit cab to engage “failsafe” features? No
Lifting lug supplied as standard? Yes
Ideal applications: Best suited to bucket or implement change or implement sharing on worksites. 
Further information: Project Industries, 16 Midas Road, Malaga, WA 6062. Ph (08) 9249 1586. Fax (08) 9249 3494.

Salmon Buckets & Attachments P/L

Product name: L.C.S
Carrier size range: 1-80 tonnes
Operating principle: Standard excavator quick hitch that engages and disengages attachments from the cabin.
Safety features: Safety valve fitted to cylinder and a safety pin to be manually inserted. The pin is non detachable.
Necessary to exit cab to engage “failsafe” features? Yes
Lifting lug supplied as standard? Yes
Ideal applications: Best suited for bucket or attachment change or implement sharing on worksites.
Further information: Salmon Buckets & Attachments, 219-225 Woodpark Road, Smithfield, NSW 2164. Ph 1800 282 538 (1800 BUCKET) (02) 9604 4577. Fax (02) 9609 5748.
Website: www.salmonbuckets.com.au
Email: sales@salmonbuckets.com.au

Turner’s Engineering

Product name: Hydraulic Quick Hitch
Carrier size range: 10-120 tonnes
Operating principle: A double acting hydraulic ram engages the clamping jaw under the rear implement pin, wedging the pin to the hitch body. This design automatically compensates for wear. Construction is of a high tensile steel with jaw contact faces designed to provide maximum pin surface contact.
Safety features: A pilot-operated check valve on the hydraulic ram prevents the ram retracting due to loss of hydraulic pressure or damaged hose lines. A manually operated safety pin is supplied with all hitches.
Necessary to exit cab to engage “failsafe” features? Yes
Certified lifting lug supplied as standard? Yes
Ideal applications: For use with all implements – buckets, rippers, rock grabs and compaction wheels. The in-house design team can custom-build hitches and implements to suit customers’ requirements.
Further information: Turner’s Engineering, 62 Spencer Road, Nerang, Qld 4211. Ph (07) 5578 1733. Fax (07) 5578 2451. Certified to ISO 9001. E-mail: darrylt@turnerseng.com.au. Website: www.turnerseng.com.au